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 As a postpartum doula, I come to your home and provide the following care:
  •  baby holding while you nap, shower, read, take a walk, tend to siblings, etc.

  • help with babywearing and/or cloth diapering

  • assistance with feeding: breast or bottle

  • knowledge about care for newborns (e.g. skin-to-skin benefits, sleeping/co-sleeping, rhythms and patterns, skin care, etc.) and parental coping skills

  • light household chores like laundry,  dishes, as well as local errands (perhaps together as you venture to the store the first few times) 

  • home set-up to minimize stairs or 25 trips per/hour to the nursery

  • organic, delicious, diet-specific meals and snacks

  • time with older children reading books, walking to the playground, and snuggling

  • belly rubs for that pooch whose status has taken a wee hit

  • help creating a support system within your community for meals, older children, housekeeping, etc.

  • belly laughter (with you, not at you) when your baby has her first enormous blow-out, and tears (with you) when you feel like you’re on a new planet and don’t know the planet’s language or social norms

  • an ear to hear your childbirth experience and help process it

  • support making the transition back to work

  • orientation to what other new parents are doing in the area and how to join them 

  • well-researched referrals as needed

  • assurance that visitors will be  welcomed in (and out) as you wish - with bonus service of keeping track of gifts for the thank you cards you’ll write when your baby turns 21