I'd be honored to be part of your baby's birth by:

  • exploring birth settings with you, and supporting your decision for a home, birth center, or hospital birth;

  • preparing you and your partner for childbirth by discussing your hopes and concerns with you; educating you on emotions, physiology and potential interventions of labor and delivery; providing childbirth books and videos; and orienting you to birthing techniques and classes;

  • helping to plan or host a Mothers Blessing ceremony, as an alternative to or in addition to a Baby Shower;

  • remaining a calm source of comfort and an objective source of knowledge prior to and throughout your birth, explaining clinical language and care as needed;

  • guiding your partner in his/her labor role of dance partner, human pillow, massage therapist, cheerleader, and touchstone;

  • helping maintain relaxation, rhythms, and rituals to cope with the intensity of labor, as well as assisting with visualization, central nervous system pain management techniques,  breathing, movement, and positioning;

  • providing heat or cold when desired, pressure or light touch as is helpful, food and oils as seen fit, and soft words or firm guidance as needed to ease the intensity of contractions;

  • remaining with you through thick and thin during your labor and delivery, and then in the first 1-2 hours after childbirth to make you comfortable and/or help with breastfeeding;

  • visiting you at home in your first couple weeks post-partum to assist in the transition to parenthood.

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